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Re: Need help!!!!

Hmmm.  I agree with Revelate, but when I was in your spot, I did it very differently.


I drove a 1993 Ford Escort until 462,000 miles worth of a blown head finally caught up to me.  I limped it into the local Ford dealership with smoke pouring out of both ends, literally.


With no established credit and a two year old BK.


I drove out in a used 2007 Focus (in late 2007) and a 23% interest rate.


Six months later, I refinanced at 18 %


Six months later, I was hoping to refinance down to 12% or so, and got 6.9%.


When you get so afraid about your cars reliability that it starts costing you sleep, I say bite the bullet, get the "less than ideal" loan and make your payments ON TIME, then refinance later!

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