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Re: Roadloans 1.99% APR
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kay9 wrote:

Just browsing some vehicles on eBay motors and checked out the link ""Get Low Monthly Payments" I have read thoughts and threads regarding those getting double digit APR options but has anyone been successful in getting 1.99% for up to 72 months recently?


My FICO is 742 with the negative being revolving balance ratio being high and total owed on revolving accounts. Both will be worked down by the end of the year.


Would Roadloans be a option at this time as i am not to sure if i would be approved by any lenders due to those negative items?


Loan would UP to 25,000 with 6k down. The vehicle i am looking at is not really common locally which is why i am reaching out of state for purchasing a used vehicle.


Thank you kindly.



You have a FICO score of 742 ?  If that's true, I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't be approved, unless it is a DTI issue.   What is your auto loan history, have you had previous car loans ?


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