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Re: Roadloans 1.99% APR
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Well, used vehicle financing is typically at a higher APR than new; that said, there are loans down in the 2% or just under range currently.


If you were buying new you likely could wander down to any manufacturer and talk to their captive lender and simply demand their tier 1 offering, as you're likely gold plated as soon as you pay down the revolving utilization if you're sitting at a 740 now (which is an excellent score regardless).  Certainly Penfed and DCU are throwing money at people with regards to car loans right now, and it's worth checking them out if your CU won't be at your desired rate... I would tend to suggest always going with a CU or national bank in your situation, as there's relationship upside potential there, where there's none with Roadloans.


Personally if I were doing it now in your situation, I'd wrap my arms around Penfed but I'm sure there's other high quality lenders out there as everyone is going to want your business when it comes to an auto loan right now.

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