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Re: CARMAX Lending... If you are desperate

Revelate wrote:

Not all Carmax loans are anywhere close to that; however, they do often deal in the same range as Santander/Roadloans.


As a matter of fact, Santander is one of their financing partners, and presumably they gave you the best of the options they received from their lenders.


Good Point for sure!!

CarMax uses Citi, Capital One, Roadloans, Santander, and I think for over 7+ years they started offering CarMax loans backed by themselves.  They are nice for approvals in minutes, I have never seen until this one that this post is have they ever asked for income, higher deposits, etc. and I have seen them offering in the 7-11% even with some pretty bad credit.  The in and out in under 1 hour is my favorite thing about them when buying!

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