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Re: Almost ready for a new auto loan?

MovingForward_2012 wrote:
Sounds good. Best of luck to you! Smiley Very Happy

I just started using score watch so I'm not sure how accurate it is either but I do know lower utility usually means higher score!

Just got an score watch alert from myFico today.  My FICO score has gone up from 660 to 680 today Smiley Happy

Did some research on the cars and finally found  a vehicle that fits my needds.  I'm planning on going with the 2013 Acura ILX Technology Package.  Requested a few quotes and the dealers replied with similar prices around $28,900 + tax + license fees + destination.  So around $30,000 I'm assuming which is $5,000 lower than the car I previous was interested in.

Do you know what credit score is required for Acura's teir 1 levels?

Starting Score: 660
Current Score: 691
Goal Score: 850

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