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Re: Roadloans = Confusion
@startingover10 ok makes sense... I just thought that the amount financed should be the actual amount of the car, not what was approved.. Plus interest.

I actually did just realize that I could bump my score up. I have $11k in school loans and $1k CC balances. I have 9 accounts and 6 are in bad standing [4 of are late payments, other 2 reported to collections but paid off and closed] I made sure that my school loan payment were always on time... So I guess that's the plus side. I don't have much debt, but i only make about 30k a year. My car is going to cloak any day now...I may have a month or two left the most [battery/muffler problems, leaking coolant and wiper fluid, ABS brake light is on, engine light is on... Has about 151k miles] it's a salvaged car and she's lasted me 4 years now. Do you think 2 months is enough time to build my credit if I can pay off my revolving debt and work on my installment loans?
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