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(Another) Will I be approved thread
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Hey all, this question is geared towards the NFCU and PenFed Experts


My fico score is around 610, I've never had a negative mark on my auto accounts going back to 2007 when I bought my first car.


I recently had high CC utilization but I have paid that down so that my total utilization is around 60%.Hopfeully my score jumps a little more after the banks report those payments.


What I am trying to do is trade out of a rapidly depreciating car and roll about half the negative equity (and down payment the other half).


The last two cars I bought were $37,000 and $24800. I still have the less expensive one, and will be trading the more expensive one.


What are the chances of getting approved via NFCU or PenFed?  Has anyone done a "Second auto" through them?