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Re: Roadloans 1.99% APR
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Sorry for the belated response.

Even though I would love to go a head and start applying for pre approval options I think I may just wait it out for a few months to bring my score up higher as one of our local CU's is offering 2.9% APR for 60 month for 750+ FICO scores. I pulled mine yesterday and it shows 749. Negatives on my EQ report is high revolving balance total of 55% and lack of recent CC activity.

Balances are for 2 CC

Target - $2327 balance - $2900 Limit

Lowes - $3,139 balance - $7100 Limit


Once I bring down the balances sufficiently then it should help more with getting a great APR. They seem to be reporting monthly so that is great.


The reason for buying used as that i  have always wanted a 6.1 Jeep Grand Cherokee but the only body designs i like is 06-10. Not a fan of the WK2 models.