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Re: 653 EQ need loan 45 days past 7 discharge
Prestige Financial will finance you with zero down. They don't require a downpayment and they provide loans to those that just recently filed BK. I financed through them after BK. they have no grace period so you will have to put your payment on auto pay. I'm guessing you will get an interest rate between 17%-21% from Prestige and they have a rate reduction program as well where your rate reduces 0.5% every 6 months if you pay on time. Their website is They only work with certain dealers as they only finance used late model vehicles with low mileage so that repairs won't be a reason to not make a payment. They financed a 2 year old used family sedan for me back in 2008 that was very reliable. I was approved through Acura for a lease in Nov last year and Acura paid off Prestige for my trade in. I highly recommend them as they greatly improved my credit.
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