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Re: looking to finance a vehicle.
Leasing will be better for me going into our home purchase. All my maintenance costs are rolled into the lease and the car is under full warranty throughout the entire lease. I am looking forward to no more costly repairs and maintenance that occurs when the car gain more mileage. That is more money in my pocket for house stuff. I spent a ton of money babying my last car that was a brand that had history for being very reliable. And it broke down requiring multiple high priced repairs at 100,000 miles despite my superior care of the vehicle.

The fact is that financing creates an asset. It is a worthless asset. A house is a much better asset to have. I have a paid off broke down 2004 that is worth less than $2000. It is more of a nuisance than an asset because the longer you have it, the more it drops in value until it is worth almost nothing. Such a waste of money!
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