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Re: Should I keep GAP insurance?
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GAP is just another way for auto dealers to make money.  If the consumer does the right thing, and puts a good down payment on a car, GAP is not needed at all.  Your automotive retailer will pay RETAIL value of the vehicle if it's stolen/totaled.  


People who put no money down, also cost themselves thousands more in charges, and should have GAP insurance also.  Put the most money down you can, get the lowest interest rate possible, and the shortest term you can afford.  You wont need GAP.  Also, be responsible on the road.  There's no such thing as an accident.  It's negligence.



Having 3 cars totaled in 6 years..... I'm sorry, but you two have issues.  Either start putting yourselves in better driving situations, or start leaving as much room as you can between others.  There's NO excuse for having to make THREE totaled claims on your insurance in 6 years.  No wonder why we all pay so much for insurance.

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