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Re: PenFed Refi Odds

I just successfully refinanced with PedFed @1.49 % I'll be paying off a CapOne loan @9.9%.

I have 33 months left on the original 72 month loan with an outstanding balance of around 14,100. However the car has a KBB value of 17,900 so there's some equity in it.

The loan I applied and was approved for is a more aggressive 20 month loan.


A few items of note.. I got this all with a BK7 on my credit reports that was discharged just under 5 years ago. Since then my credit has been flawless, I'm also under 1% util for my 5 CC's but DO have a student loan balance of around 120k


src="">Starting Score: 652
Current Score: EQ 685 TU 683 EX 699 (their sites FAKO) all as of 03/02/13
Goal Score: 700

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