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Trying to refinance my auto loan but i'm having problems...

Trying to refinance my auto loan but i'm having problems...please help


my credit score right now:


Experian - 598

Equifax - 579

TransUnion - 574



it was originally around 520 but i'm working hard to get my scores up. Almost a year ago my car broke down and i had no choice but to get a new one. After shopping around and making the stupid mistake of having dealers run my credit multiple times, i finally was able to obtain a new car, the only thing is that the interest rate is extremely high.


I am unsure on the number but my montly payment is 455 dollars on a 20k loan. I have friends with the same car and the montly payment is 150 dollars.


I did some research and i heard its best to apply for a subprime lender, i tried but i was denied. Does anyone have any other companies that you think would help? Or any other suggestions? Please let me know.