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Re: Auto Loan Approvals!
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APPROVING BANK: JPMorgan Chase BUREAU PULLED: ALL CREDIT SCORE: 640 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE: CA NEW/USED: NEW YEAR OF VEHICLE: 2008 MAKE: Mercedes-Benz MODEL: CLK350 Carbiolet MILEAGE: 100 RETAIL/LEASE: RETAIL (MSRP $61,000) AMOUNT OF LOAN: $48000 TERM CONTRACTED: 60 APR/LEASE RATE: 9.99 MONTHLY PAYMENT: 1050 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: I think the dealer ripped me on the finance. I'm going to refi in a few months when I'm at 660. i can then get 5.9 through my CU. Getting a car loan with marginal credit is a lot easier than I thought!

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