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Re: Thinking of trading 2008 BMW 328i for 2009 Lexus IS350

My 2 pennies having driven both cars, the BMW is more enjoyable to drive, hands down.  I own both makes (not the 3 or the IS, but have driven both when each car/truck was in the shop).  Initially had the BMW and the wife had the Lexus, but I drive further to work on a daily basis and the Lexus truck gets better gas mileage so I now drive the Lexus.


Don't get me wrong, its a great make, and if a car is a car to you and nothing more, you can't go wrong with the brand.  But if you enjoy the open road, the BMW is one of the best daily drivers they make.


I've taken the BMW to a few of the Northern VA dealerships and they fall WAY short to the service you encounter from Lexus.  Lexus is a gold standard of above and beyond service experiences.  No appointment necessary, open from 5am-11pm, 365 days per year.  They have a free cafeteria, sports room with large screen TV, internet room with computers, a lounge or you can take a free loaner and come back when their done with your car.


Good luck.