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PENFED loan reconsiderations?
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Does anyone know if PENFED seriously looks into reconsideration of loan denials?
My situations is such:
On 4/16/08, my EQ score was 716. About a week later, a previously deleted item was placed back on my credit and caused a 99 point drop in my score.  And since then, several  unauthorized inquiries have been placed against my credit. I contacted the CRA and placed a fraud alert to prevent anyone from hurting me any worse than they already have.  All the items are presently under dispute. 
I called PENFED and the CSR told me that I could fax a letter in stating what has happened.  I was wondering if I should possibly send in a copy of the report dated 4/16/08 to substantiate my claims. Has anyone heard of PENFED reversing a  previous denial.  The same thing happened when I applied for a Chase cc.  They denied me but when I called for a reconsideration, it was approved. 

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