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Re: Auto Loan Approvals!

i got my 08 Toyota FJ cruiser...

First Roadloans approved me, and after all the things i been through with them on my last loan,, i wasnt putting myself through that drama again.

I got approved from ford credit with a 15% interest rate.  I thought i was going to have to just deal with it because of my past so i signed the papers.  The next day, my credit union calls me out of the blue, and approves me for the loan with a 6.5% interest rate.  Luckily the dealership never turned my paperwork in and i was able to go to my credit union and pick up my check....


My credit scores are 665EXP, 655TU, and 590 from the evil equifax...  the credit union that financed me was andrews federal credit union in Suitland Md, Andrews AFB.  They financed me for 24K