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Re: 18 years old, want to finance new car. HELP!

RevMen wrote:

CreditMizer wrote:
You 100% can get approved. You have already done something smarter than 90% of consumers and that is saved a large down payment. Now don't go crazy. With your scores, income, lack of expenses, and down payment I can see (I did it myself) salesman steering you towards $20K-$25K cars. They are nice but don't do it. You will thank yourself in 10 years. Buy something used with low miles for $10K. Later in 3-4 years if you want to trade up you will be in a better position than those that over-extend themselves early.

I agree 100% with that post. You can get a very sweet ride for $10k, especially for an 18 year old.

Absolutely, a used car would be the best option for OP. OP should arrange in advance with a mechanic to check the car out, aside from the actual examination by your chosen mechanic you wanna be able to say early on in your conversations with the dealer, "by the way, before purchasing I'll need to have my mechanic check it out and also run the VIN to check the history of the title."

AND bring along a friend or relative who knows cars when you go to dealers.
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