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Re: auto loan with credit score of 548
I'd like to know info also.
I went to Mini Cooper Dealer yesterday and they told me they paid straight Fico and they they know nothing about auto enhanced. Could it be that they just aren't aware that theirs is Auo Enhanced or are they really pulling the same straight Fico as me?? 
The sales rep did say that he would pull whatever bureau I asked him to though.
Just waiting ot sell present vehicle then will be getting a cooper ofr sure. The experience so far has been great. They are not like the other dealers I've dealt with in past. So far straight up and very honest. Not pushing me on anything at all. In fact he is trying to get me to save money. Told me not to bother with the built in factory Mini Navigation system. Sai straight out that it sucks and is like the map quest of navigation units. Use it and you will get lost. Too funny!
ANyway, sorry to have strayed, best of luck to OP and hopefully someone will have some more insight on this!