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Re: auto loan with credit score of 548

marty56 wrote:
I wonder if the auto scores are being used less now since it seems that dealers are going through local banks rather then say GMAC or Ford Motor Credit.
Anyone who has brought a new car recently have any thoughts on this.

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I leased a new car in Nov, then switched it out in Dec.  I went thru GMAC mainly b/c I had stellar credit with them for my previous lease and a decent relationship.  The financing dept didn't flinch at my high util at the time and mid fico score below 600 -- and in fact the guy said they rely heavily on previous history with the company, while also considering the the auto-enhanced fico.
Three years I ago I couldn't get financing on my own -- at all.  Within about 32 months I could have driven off the lot with a car priced higher than my annual salary.  Who knows?  Smiley Happy
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