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Unable to get Auto loan due to child support arrears.

I need help. My FICO score TU is 663 and I can not get approved for a car loan anywhere!! I tried GMAC, Capitol One, Wachovia, Citi Financial Auto Credit, ARCUSO Credit union, heck Carmax even submitted it to road loans and it was denied. We were going to put down 2,000 cash down.


I lost my Job in 2006 and got behind on my child support. $500 bucks a month adds up fast. Child support, plus money for arrears has been taken from my paycheck every two weeks like clockwork since October of 2007. After 2 years of this along with my Stimulus check, and federal and state tax refund checks, I have whittled away the 10,000 arrears to around 6,000.


The problem is the State of Texas has nuked my credit report. They show 90+ days late about 41 times. According to them this if for the arrears amount, not current payment, and the only way this will go away is if it is paid off entirely, which will still take 2 to 3 more years.


I have offered to send these lenders proof in the form of certified pay records showing child support has been deducted bi-weekly and an official letter from Texas showing I have made payments on time since October 2007, but they will have none of it.


My wife and I share a 2003 Hyundai with 150,000 miles and we need another car. Wife's FICO is under 600 so don't ask!! LOL.