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Re: Unable to get Auto loan due to child support arrears.
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Thanks everybody for the responses.


The Texas OAG will slam your credit if you are 1 payement behind. If you don't get caught up get the 30, 60 90 days late. Don't get it caught up and you get the 90 days late slammed on your credit report every month till your balance is zero.


I did notify them when I lost my job....They didn't care I was unumployed and my monthly payment would keep adding up. We were living on my wife's paycheck only...and barely paying out on beenie weeines..and shopping at goodwill.


Texas OAG has the attitude...we appeciate you paying your child support promptly since October 2007, and paying an extra 100.00 a month, and we are happy to take you tax refunds, state, federal and any stimulus refund, but your credit stays in the toilet till your balance is zero.PS no passport till it's under $2,500 either.


Soooo factoring in if I pay another 100 a month, tax refunds and any stimulus check if any our good president sends, I should be clear in 2 to 3 years. 


Sadly since I am already paying an extra hundred for arrears....I may have to 100.00 away each month and when wife gets her tax refund next year, if her credit is above 650 she will have to get the car solo.

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