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Re: Unable to get Auto loan due to child support arrears.

I can feel your pain.  Many years ago, I was in a similar situation to yours.  I got behind in my child support payments.  After I got back on track... I wrote the county office that was responsible for collecting the support and reporting on my credit report negatively.  They did change my status to paying currently which was

great for my credit report.  Once I was finished paying child support.. or rather.. I thought I was... I had to continue paying on my arrears for two  more years and once that was done... it showed paid in full on the credit report ... or something to that affect.  I got a lot of car loans through those years... even with the child

support thing.. and I had state tax lien on there for many years until that was paid.  I guess they are much more strict now than they were back then.  I could always explain my way out of it... write a letter to the lender, etc.

It didn't really hold me back much.  I would try and get the State of Texas to help you out... it is worth a try.

You might reach the right person who will be willing to help you out.  Get to the department who handles the

reporting to the credit bureaus.. that is what I did.  Good luck!