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Pay off majority of auto loan?..

Long story short, I am trying to repair damaged credit so eventually I can purchase a home. 


I want to get an $8000 auto loan and then pay off $5-6k in the first 3-4 months.  My thinking is that I can accomplish a few things by doing this. 


1. I will have more than one type of credit.  As stands now I have only had revolving credit. 


2. I will add another open account that has no late payments.  It is my understanding that having at least 3 such accounts is good when trying to get a morgage. 


3. Making monthly payments made on time, over time. 


All of these should increase my FICO score. 



As I understand it I would end up with a super low payment after I pay off the chunk of the loan, but still get to keep it as an open account on my credit report.   Is this right or am I not understanding how this works?  Thanks for replies, new guy here.  I want to get my FICO score up into the 700s but have realized that its not something I can do overnight.