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Re: How to cash in with Cash for Clunkers with Bad Credit?

alsa, the original poster, is not coming here to be judged; he is coming here for support. he is a grown person in his 50's who is trying to see if he can improve his credit situation but still partake in this program so that he can alleviate himself of an older car with little value, and perhaps obtain a more efficient vehicle. i think he and his wife ARE CURRENT (as was indicated if you read before judging), and they are making reparations for their financial futures.


i agree with one of the initial supporting posts.  go into the section and see which financial institutions will be helpful. see which rates you can get. you may need to start with an initially higher rate while repairing your credit and getting things sorted out.  my credit union told me that as my credit scores improve i may refinance as many times as necessary until we are at the lowest possible rate.


good luck!