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Re: Can I get financing for a car?

TO:  Bluebird81

Let me help you take the guessing out of your dilemma.  Do the following and your questions will be answered…

   1.  If you do not now belong to a local credit union, then find one and join it today.  If you need help in finding one you can join, contact the credit Union League in your state, they should be able to provide help to you.

   2.  Go to that Credit Union with what you just wrote above.  They will tell you whether they will finance you or not.  In addition, they will give you an APR and Loan Term.  Use those figures to compare the financing offered by the dealer.

Generally the financing offered by the dealer is a bit more expensive.  Nothing wrong with that, but walking in preapproved will give you a basis from which to compare.

Remember:  When buying your car, there is a tendency to extend the terms of the loan to get a lower payment…a most costly decision…for you!

Good Luck