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If anybody has done a recent r-fi with NFCU, , please post back with scores, rates and any other info you can share>



Mine was done in July.  I'm not sure of my exact score as I had not pulled it in awhile but probably mid 620s.  My rate is 11.5% which is a godsend as I was paying 20+%.  I may have gotten a better rate had I waited longer & cleaned more stuff up but I'm saving nearly $70/month in my payment which is a tremendous help to me. 


I was a little hesitant to apply as the month prior they had approved me for my first new CC in almost 5 years. A CashRewards Visa and a week later a GoRewards MasterCard.  I was all set to just leave things alone as my goal was to re-fi my car, but last week app for the NavChek LOC & was instant approved for $500 (that's all I asked for as I needed the $500 for a short-term obligation & was worried if I asked for more I would have to go to manual review....both CC apps & my car re-fi all went for manual review)


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