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Just refinanced my 2008 Nissan mid september. My EQ fico was 696 . I got a rate of 7.9%  My

original rate was 10.3% for 72 months with Chase auto finance. I had beend in that loan for 14 months

I know I only save a few pecentage points but my payments drop by 130,00 dollars although

my loan renewed back up to 72 month. Its ok though NFCU has a biweekly payment plan I intend

to use and will end up paying off loan in shorter time than original loan with Chase.   By the

way I had just joind NFCU end of Aug,  applied for and received  Flagship Visa cl ( 16,000)  Platinum

MC cl (3000) and NAV Check  LOC  cl ( 15,000)  so I didn'i mind giving them my business