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Both of our auto loan re-fi's were APPROVED by NFCU!!! It took less than a week to get both approvals. They did not ask for any paycheck stubs, etc.


One vehicle was approved at 7.75% for 60 months (2008 car).

Other vehicle was approved at 8% for 60 months (2006 SUV).


Both loans were previously through HSBC @12.75% for 72 months.


As posted previously, EQ at time of app was 691, with <20% util showing on our cr's.

TU=564 EQ=??? EX=??? 4/4/06
TU=643 EQ=625 EX=618 1/24/08
TU=678 EQ=651 EX=665 10/24/08
TU=694 EQ=669 EX=??? 9/24/09
TU=706 EQ=691 EX=??? 10/8/09
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