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Just refi'd today, instant approval, no waiting, no sending in stubs or anything. I only needed $2700. My car is 7 years old and I bought it used after a BK. My rate was ridiculous. I think at least 18% if not more. Its now going to be  8% for 12 months, I'm going to pay it off sooner. Also I asked if this would prohibit me from applying for a new car loan when ready and they said absolutley not, I can have more than one car loan with them. I wish I would have refied before but I've been going through this house buying non-sense.I love NFCU!!!


My Equifax I believe is 650 right now and my gross is $4400 per month. Here's what I have with them all in less than a year.


  • Checking opened 10/08  added direct deposit 06/09
  • Savings opened  10/08
  • nRewards opened 12/08
  • Platimum opened 6/09
  • new auto loan 10/09