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Back to School Survey
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Hello folks!


While there are very few things we all agree on in this community, it’s probably safe to say that just about everyone agrees that teaching young people about personal financial management is essential if future generations are to avoid some of the pitfalls that brought many of us here to the FICO Forums in the first place.


Does your child have a credit card?  How extensively have you discussed credit management with your child?  Do you monitor their spending?  Are you aware of how the recently passed Credit CARD Act of 2009 impacts the issuing of credit cards to young people?


As the new school year approaches, myFICO would like to hear from the FICO Forums community about the increasingly important topic of educating young people about credit management.  Seeing how we have all been young and some of us rather stupid when it came to finances, I think it's also safe to say that we're all experts on this subject!  Smiley Surprised


Please take our quick Back to School Survey and use this opportunity share your ideas, experiences, questions and advice in the discussion thread below.  We'll share the results with you.  And let me take this opportunity to thank all of you who continue to keep this wonderful community thriving!


How are you teaching your kids about credit?  Do you monitor your kids' spending?  What kinds of conversations have you and your kids had about credit?



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