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Re: Back to School Survey
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I don't have a kid, but I am one who also has spent most of my adult life wishing dearly that, instead of the "Free Enterprise" course which we were mandated by the Louisiana Legislature to take, someone had taught us how to balance a checkbook, make a budget, and use credit cards responsibly. It was not a lesson my family taught me, despite the many times I'd begged my parents to show me how to do the bills, etc. They were fortunate in that they had enough money (and enough weird ideas about money) to bail me out anytime I asked as a young adult, and not feel much pain, which really has taken an ENORMOUS amount of effort on my part to 1) recognize, 2) correct, and 3) refine. I love my folks, but they really had no clue about money themselves. I think they're a lot better now, though -- and I know I am. Not perfect, but a milion times better.


Be that as it may, I know my mistakes probably have cost me, literally, a million dollars over a lifetime in lost savings, wasted fees, and lost years of income. I'm here because I don't want to eat cat food at 65.


I want so very much for my younger brother's kids to learn how to handle money responsibly. He and his wife have some odd ideas about money, and he's also had a hard time getting his fingers out of the folks' wallet. They've had a house repo'd; wife doesn't have a job; he makes 4-5x what I do, but they may be paying off old bills, too. (There's a snake's nest of psychology in that budget...)


At any rate, if EVERY child knew how to handle his or her money wisely, I bet the economy would be a lot better off for all of us.

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