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Re: Can't get approved
To be honest with you, it didn't affect my score at all. I opened both accounts the same day my bankruptcy was discharged. I had to give a copy of my discharge papers to both the bank and the credit union, because the Experian had not updated my credit report. My FICO score was 515 that day. Six months later, it floats between 619 and 628.

Now I do think it will go down, because my credit union approved me for an unsecured Visa. Unfortunately they gave me a new credit account number and made me close the secured card with them. I went from $2500 secured to $1000 unsecured. I'm waiting to hear if my bank approved my app for an unscured card. I also got approved for a Barclays Apple card for $2200. I hope my score only goes down about 35 points.

It's all good, because I don't plan on doing anything else to my credit until next year.