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Re: Can't get approved

Luvmeirahbug, I filed Chapter 7 in November 2011 and it was discharged in Feb.2012. I waited six months to the day after my bankruptcy was discharged to apply for the unsecured credit cards. My credit union was super nice and approved it right over the phone. I'm still waiting to hear from PNC.. I have a feeling I will need to do some recovery to get that one approved. I applied and was approved for the Barclays on the same day. I am glad to have an unsecured line of credit, I just wish the interest rate was lower, as it's 22.99%. This is my motivation to pay it off monthly. 


I chose to risk my FICO score by doing all three of these apps in the same timeframe, because I wanted to get away from secured cards as soon as possible. I wanted these credit lines to have at least a year before I try to buy a car.


When I get a final answer from PNC, I will write a detail account of what I have done to bounce back from my bankruptcy.