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Re: Chapter 13 Final Payment
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You are supposed to pay until you get the release of wage order (even though you pay on your own) not your discharge papers.  The trustee is supposed to send that out when you make that last payment.  I'm not sure how your district works, but for me if you send in a personal check they will hold it for 30 days which will delay the closing of your case by those many days.  So the last months payments, which for me was in August, I sent in money orders.  The only thing is that my July payment wound up posting in August anyway so now instead of my case closing at the end of August, it won't close until October.  I also called my trustee and she told me what was due so that is what I sent.  I don't plan on sending in anymore payments Smiley Tongue.


I would say give your trustee a call and see what he/she says.  My trustee was very responsive and happy to help me.

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