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Re: Chapter 13 Final Payment

Thank you for your responses! I called my trustee and they said that I have to keep paying until I get my discharge papers and that it will take 304 months to receive those. She said that they have so many cases that it takes a while to determine that all parties have been properly paid. As of September 1st, my balance owed is $0.00 and my balance on hand is $813, but the trustee said I still have to send in the entire payment amount each month until I receive my discharge papers or I will be in default and I will have to start my entire 36 months over again. I certainly hope she was just trying to scare me so I will keep paying them each month, bc that would SUCK. It's not like I have another 17K laying around. At any rate, it feels good to have a zero balance. Good idea on the money order thing, I think I will do that for the Sep payment if I have to make one, but I will wait until the last week of Sep to mail it in. I hate waiting. :-)