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Re: Young and in Serious Need of Help
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I'm sorry to hear how rough things are.


I'm not sure I completely understand, you have student debt you could catch back up on if you could take care of your other debt.  Do you owe debts besides the $17,000.00 medical bill?


You are what is known as "judgment proof" because nobody can force you to pay anything right now, because you don't have anything.  I doubt they could garnish your minimum wage job.  So focus on your health and developing skills to get a better job / career.


Your major debts (student loan and medical) should be able to be dealt with at least to get some time to get on your feet. 


Assuming it's a Federal Student Loan (not private) I thought you can get a period of forbearance, and a payment based on your income.  Is it in collections or still with the lender?


Talk to the hospital and other medical providers.  When you show them you just don't have the money they should have programs that forgive much of the debt.  They also may be able to help you get Medicaid retroactively which is the only way they'll see money.


Take some deep breaths, you can always file Chapter 7 but you may be able to work things out without that. 

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