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Re: Kinda Bummed...:(

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All of these CC's I've gotten within the last 12-16 months and am currently in the 24th month of a  60 month Ch 13 plan. Now because of the BK, my DTI ratio is now VERY good as I have gone through and disputed my credit files to ensure all of the trade lines are reporting correctly; i.e. everything in Ch 13 and no active balances.  That made a huge difference for me. Still have a little ways to go on my Experian file, but Ill get there. All told I have $2100 AC on all 4 cards and I never use more than $400, which is paid in full every month. Sounds to me like you need to start working on your credit files to make sure they are as squeaky clean as possible. Good luck to you.....

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DId not reach my 2012 Goal of 700... :-((