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Re: Kinda Bummed...:(

BTW.... I forgot to say keep your head up. This is most definitley a turtles race and is one that the hare will not win. The hardest thing for me is not rushing. If I let the old me win, I would be filling out app after app, day after day; until there were so many inq's on my report there wouldn't room for anything else. I fight that urge on a constant basis. Make sure your files are clean and the rest will follow. Also, even though Orchard Bank was bought by Cap One, their site is still up and taking apps. Try them and see what happens. They gave me a $300 CL literally 4 months after filing my Ch 13. I don't care how high their fees are. Iwill be a LOYAL customer for life because they took a chance on me.....

Trans FICO = 660 (01/6/2013) Equifax FICO = 654 (01/6/2013) Experian PLUS = 656 (1/6/2013)
Wallet = AMEX Prepaid with $300 every 2 weeks deposited, Cap One (Formerly Orchard Bank) $500 CL in SOCK-DRAWER, Credit One Bank Visa $1000 CL in SOCK_DRAWER, Discover Matrix $300 CL in SOCK_DRAWER, Fingerhut Charge Account $300 CL in SOCK_DRAWER, and Barclaycard MC with $1300 CL
Goal.....To break 750-775 by the end of 2013
DId not reach my 2012 Goal of 700... :-((