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Re: List of bankruptcy friendly creditors?

While I like this thread, it seems like it can cause all of us to miss the point. After spending the better part of a month reading these forums, the one thing that stands out to me isn't who is or isn't getting approved for CC's or loans; but how those of us in the exact same situation can have drastically different scores. I mean I'm reading some of these posts and people that are much further along in the BK process have much worse scores than I do. Whats the difference?? I refuse to beleive its the CC's or loans that people were able to obtain. For me it was the fact that for the better part of 6 months after my case was confirmed, I disputed line item after line item in all 3 of my files to make sure that they were as absolutly clean as possible. Now my files show the correct balances owed, everything that was included in the BK reflects that with ZERO current balance, and every judgement and collection that was included in BK was either removed or updated accordingly. For me that worked. I just wish I would've waited a year or two more to apply for the better cards and been satisfied with the ones I've been able to get. Wouldn't be as many inq's on my file as there now is. Sorry just my 2 cents......

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