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Re: Kinda Bummed...:(
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powellfamily2009 wrote:

Also Rhaeny....

 I noticed there seems to be a big spread in your scores. Almost 100 points if memory serves..... Whats up with that if you don't mind me asking? Have you looked into that at all. I just noticed my Experian was a good deal lower yesterday than the rest and found out they were reporting a lot of stuff different and incorrectly. Just throwing that out there. 

Ha!! It's that skanky Experian!!! Those idiots! I am fighting that right now.  I have two accounts from CU's that are not showing IIB and posting 180 days late or KD for 5 1/2 years.  I am so ready to explode.  If these accounts were corrected I would have to see one heck of a jump in scores.  But yea I'm working on it....slowly and painfully but working on it.


Oh and some of the same accounts on Equifax and TU are reporting zero balance and IIB but oh noooooo.....not EXP!

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