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Re: Just received my trustee meeting date..
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grassfeeder wrote:

wow, you're kidding me?  I've never seen scores that high having just filed with no rebuilding already......650 and 670?  amazing.

No kidding here. I was pretty surprised when I looked as well. Any advice on which card I should apply for first? I posted the original question on page 2 but I currently already have an open cap1 card with a $500 limit and want to know which card to go after next. I iibk an orchard bank card so I wasnt too sure about them....maybe barclays?


edit: score watch guesses another $500 limit card would put me in the 660-670 range. I do have a navy fed account and was thinking the secured but would prefer an unsecured card. On the other hand a relationship with them beyond checking/saving sounds like a good plan. Thanks!!!

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