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Re: Transunion Credit Report Inaccuracies

meljeff1 wrote:

My question is are the trade lines still suppose to show the high and low balances that I had prior to BK. The balance it self says 0 but underneath it, shows a low high and low balance. I'm wondering if that is affecting my score? Also all my BK accounts show status "unrated" but then it shows in remarks included in BK. Do I need to be concerned with that?

Per FICO scoring and as viewed by lenders, the high balance doesn't matter. It only matters if it was a CC, HELOC, and LOC and if those were reporting a balance and it didn't report a credit limit (e.g. a no preset limit acct). If you have a paid closed account showing an incorrect high balance then know that there's no negative (or positive) impact to your FICO and lenders don't care. While an IIB mention in the comments is scored negatively, don't be concerned about "unrated". FICO is indifferent to that.