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Re: Kinda Bummed...:(

Hi Everyone!!!


I am sorry that I am just now repying to all this! 


First off, I have not gotten any offers in the mail just yet.. :/ Just had my 341 meeting and I am In the process of waiting on alot of my information being updated with the CBs. 


I just applied for a PNC secured card and I am waiting to find out the status of that. Maybe another week or two. 


Right now, I have no new credit and I am not even sure where to look. I have tried BOA (denied secured) First Premier (denied), Cap One Secured (denied) I don't know who else to try,  If anyone has any addl information. Please let me know. 





Where I Started: TU: 492 EQ: 411 EX: 486
Where I Am: TU:550 EQ: 530, EX 557