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Re: Why is it so hard to get credit after a BK?!

I literally rebuilt my credit with one card. I got the Capital ONe unsecured a few months after my Chapter 7 discharge and had it as my solo card for three years before I applied for a new card. At the time I was applying for a new card, my scores were in the mid 600s.


I will echo what everybody else has said. Stop applying and use the cards you currently have. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

BK in 2008, after making very stupid financial decisions.

Barclay's Apple Financing Card ($6400) --- Capital One Quicksilver ($13,000)---GEMB CareCredit ($5700) --- AUFCU ($10000)--- Walmart ($5000)

FICO Scores: TU 735 EQ 709 EX 740 (Feb 2013, all pulled by lender)