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Re: Seeking advice on auto refi after BK

timotiger wrote:

I recently had a Chapter 13 BK dismissed, not discharged, in May 2011 (16 months  ago.) I've cleaned up all collection issues and have applied for and received two unsecured credit cards. I have an auto loan that is reporting derogatory as a result of not making payments during the bankruptcy. The trustee wasn't making payments because all of the money was going towards my mortgage loan. I caught up and am currently 6 payments ahead of the original schedule and have less than a 50% loan to value. I owe $6300 and have 20 payments to go. My auto loan is with Capital One Auto and I have 64000 miles on my car.  Here's my question. Does it make sense to refinance my auto loan in order to get an installment account showing open and in good standing? The reason I ask is that I've run the simulators on Trans Union and Experian and it shows that it would drive my scores down. I've asked Capital One for a goodwill adjustment but they declined. I've been turned down by my credit union, Capital One Auto (they don't refi their own loans, and Lending Tree. I don't care about the rate as much as having a new installment in good standing. Any thoughts? Thanks for reading!




No!!! Scoring aside for a second, even if you got refinanced and got a new rate, your rate would be astronomically high. Likely even higher than what you are paying now. Even if it did help your score, let's say 50 points, it certainly isn't worth spending an extra $1k+ in interest and refi fees to raise your score (IMO anyway).


Per your score, know that the scores and simulators from TransUnion and Experian aren't FICO-related. In fact, lenders don't even use those scores. And the scores lenders typically use are auto-enhanced FICO scores and those can't be purchased anywhere. Per FICO scoring, refinancing an auto would drop your scores a little bit (est. under 20 pts), with most of the points returning inside 6-12 months as the account ages. You wouldn't see a net gain when the dust settles.