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Re: Why is it so hard to get credit after a BK?!

Thank you everyone for your advice!

My NFCU nrewards card is an interest rate of 17.99%. I think it is the lowest one I have. I really need to stop apping! I checked my CR's again yesterday and disputed a few more collections that were paid, included in BK, and a judgement that needs to be removed also. I have been successful in removing 3 judgements off all 3 CR's so far, thanks to these forums! But, I haven't seen more score increase(which is probably because of all the stupid inq's). So would it be wise to start making payments on the charge off account? It is for about $2200. If it is worth it, then yes, I will do it! I was also thinking about making small monthly payments on my student loans. Do you think that will raise more score at all, if the loans are still in deferment? Thanks for all your help!