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Re: Why is it so hard to get credit after a BK?!

I thought the inq's fall off after  year?  The charge off that wasn't included is from University of Phx. I didn't think I could include it in my BK because it was educational, but now I am starting to think maybe I could have. I don't have the $2200 to pay it off now, or even do a settlement. Probably not until tax returns Smiley Happy I have never been able to save a dime in my life, I am horrible at it. BUT slowly and surely I am starting to. I opened a checking/savings with NFCU and I have just $25 direct deposited twice a month, so that is my savings for now. I have been with Wells fargo for a year, and they are not my fave bank so I was able to get an account with a local CU today, and they are working on reconsidering my credit card  that I apped for 2 weeks ago. The guy was incredibly nice and understanding, he asked me about every single thing on my credit and I told him the situation at the time. He made it very clear that they are not solely about gaining business, but about maintaining member relationships and helping them get back on their feet when everyone else turns them down for credit. I won't have an answer til monday, but worst case scenario, he said they will offer me a shared secured loan to start with. I am totally ok with that, and trust me, DONE apping! I am going to have to get the hang of the "gardening" concept and commit to it for at least 6 months! Our lease is up in 7, and we want a house SO badly!