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Re: Any ideas on getting rid of derogatory status on iib accounts

Guyatthebeach wrote:

Does anyone have  any ideas on removing derogatory status on credit accounts iib? I still have 7 credit card accounts listed as derogatory that I can't get changed. All of my other accounts simply show closed/current and/or iib. I'm just interested to see if anyone has any thoughts on this.


From what I have read is that it is legal from lenders to list accounts as derogatory that are included in bankruptcy. Any feedback would be appreciated.



No, they cannot report them as derogatory if they are IIB.  I'm going through a similar thing right now.  In fact, our BK lawyer just sent one of them another letter along with a bill for lawyer fees.  I hope that clears it up.  I just want to be done with it.


All you can do is dispute it.  We had two like this.  One finally fixed it and the other keeps messing with us.