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Re: Why is it so hard to get credit after a BK?!

Thank you Smiley Happy And congrats to the poster with an 801 score! That is awesome after a ch 7 BK! I wish I had known about secured cards and all this rebuilding info right after my bk was discharged, I would be in a much better position to buy a house. That is the plan in 7 months. So I will have to pay off the charge off account regardless? I was told that since I can't put my husband on the loan(complicated) they can only use me and my income, and since it's only like $26000 a year right now(I just started working this year) then it will be difficult to get a decent house with my income. Not that it has anything to do with credit, I got side-tracked.

I called all of the cc companies to find out my statement closing date to make sure that my cards are paid down or off by that date every month. I am going to hang out in the garden as long as possible to get some of those older inq's to fall off. I am completely open to any other suggestions or advice to get the ball rolling! Apparently, this is a very long process...

On a side note, I checked all 3 CR yesterday and in the past month I successfully had 3 judgements removed that were included in my BK but were still reporting. TU told me that they will still report, just as "included in bk" so I disputed them again, and yay, all were deleted and only the BK remains as a public record. I have written to GW letters, my first ever, and I will send them off today. One is to Chase Auto, for a car loan 4 years ago that ended up being totaled and we made a settlement for the balance owing, but they still reported two payments as 30 and 60 day late. Also one other GW for a small medical collection that was paid last month, $70, that they said they wouldn't delete, but I figure a gw letter won't hurt. Wish me luck!

Thanks for all the advice!